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Study at JU follows a group of "soon to be" students as they prepare for their journey to Jönköping University. Continue to follow them as they begin their studies here in Sweden. For most of them, it's there first time in Scandinavia!

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“I miss the people and the culture. I miss the breeze from the lake during late summer as well as the unbelievable cold during deep winter. I miss the fresh air and green landscapes... I miss Sweden, that's all.” - Luca, former student from Italy #studyatju #j önköpinguniversity
Summer turning in to autumn - let's enjoy this first Saturday of September. 🌤🍁 #j önköpinguniversity #studyatju #campus
We say THANK YOU for tonight with this. Our students = the best festival audience 👏#j önköpinguniversity #studyatju
This night 🙌 And the best thing, it's far from over. #j önköpinguniversity #studyatju
Rainbow flags all over campus this week 🏳️‍🌈 Don't miss the Pride parade in Jönköping tomorrow. #studyatju #j önköpinguniversity #qomutjkpg
A lot of fun things going on on campus right now - in the middle of Kick Off 2017. 📸: Emma Björkdahl, JSU #j önköpinguniversity #studyatju #kickofflove17
Welcome all new students, and of course welcome back all other. We are so happy to see you on campus! #studyatju #j önköpinguniversity
☁️ Summer in the city ☁️ Rainy days ahead? Take the opportunity to learn some history and visit the only Match Museum in the world. It’s in the same area as the student night club Akadamien, but maybe you haven’t been there during daytime yet 😉 Take the opportunity to stroll around or get something to eat while you are there. #j önköpinguniversity #studyatju #jkpg #summer
We are all over the world. 🌎 #j önköpinguniversity #studyatju
☀️ Summer in the city ☀️ ➡️ Vattenledningsparken. To go there, you have to go uphill, but it’s only downhill when leaving 😉 When you come up and look to your left you get a beautiful view over Jönköping and if you just take some steps in to the forest to your right you reach this. It feels like far away from the city. Bring fika if you want to make it a longer stay. #j önköpinguniversity #studyatju #jkpg #summer
☀️ Summer in the city ☀️ Staying in Jönköping for the summer? There’s a lot of things to do! One of the reasons Jönköping is a nice place to stay during summer is all the water in the city center 🔝 Look in here the coming weeks to get some tips on things to do and places to explore (with a student budget, of course). If you want to know more about the destinations, please visit #j önköpinguniversity #studyatju #jkpg #summer
Say hi to some of our Summer School students, who has spent the last couple of weeks at JU taking courses, doing company visits and engaging in social and cultural activities. It has been great having you here! #j önköpinguniversity #studyatju #studyabroad
Congratulations all our students who graduated yesterday! We are proud of you and look forward to follow you us our alumni in the future. 🎓 #studyatju #j önköpinguniversity #graduationday